Get rid of the crappy stuff

When he got the promotion to CEO in 2006, Nike’s Mark Parker asked Apple CEO Steve Jobs if he had any advice.

“Get rid of the crappy stuff,” Parker says Jobs told him.

That sounds like potent advice for any leader – and any organization – with some assumptions:

1. There’s a leader.
2. There’s something left once the crappy stuff is removed.

via FastCompany

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  • When I saw the headline on this item, I thought you were going to make it relevant to media, especially news sites that have cluttered up their pages with endless widgets and features. I believe the reason they do so is that they don’t know which ones to present to which users, so they throw in the kitchen sink in hopes that something on a page will catch the reader’s eye.

    Instead, sites should be using our Newstogram platform, which develops a profile of the interests of each user and can recommend the content most likely to be of interest to each user.

    • Right, and looks like I did! 🙂 Thanks Neil. Obviously, there’s more to the thought than I included here. It’s a design and product lesson, a test of leadership and a component of an innovation agenda. It’s a crass re-interpretation of Occam’s razor. And, yes, news companies in particular have, to put it kindly, struggled on all three fronts.