How could you?

A story for the uncomfortable moment.

It was 2004. We had moved from early adopters to savvy practitioners and explorers of the Internet and digital media. At an event we called Mediamorphosis we gathered influential publishers and media mavens at the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach, California. Our agenda: To set an agenda for the future.

Then we dropped the bomb: Everything was about to change. The controls. The behavior. The audience. The content. The business of it all. The story.

We presented ours and awaited the cheers. Silence. Finally, a longtime colleague rose. “How could you?” she shouted, fleeing the room in tears. The Uncomfortable Moment had begun.

Everyone now lives the Uncomfortable Moment. In the world that came to pass – always-on, connected, social, powered by everyone – we confront uncertainty in all aspects of how we live, work and interact with everything, as well as with each other. We Media didn’t create the transformation. But we saw it and stirred vigorously. That’s still our role. We guide companies and their leaders toward new frontiers, new stories and new formulas for excellence in the networked culture.

How could you? It’s the right question. If you’d like to ask some others, contact us.