“Our industry thinks its glory days are over. Our industry’s glory days have not even begun. Because we have not even begun to see what this industry could be with the creativity and the talent and skills of women and people of color.” – Cindy Gallup

$6B challenge: Innovate political campaigns

Here’s a question for American ingenuity: How could $6 billion be used to stimulate the economy? Republicans and Democrats alike answered this way in recent weeks: Spend it on television for bad political advertising. More than $6 billion was spent in the 2012 election, making it the most expensive and wasteful in history. The irony […]

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The sausage factory: Why advertisers and ad agencies are failing customers

By MARK WALSH Have you noticed how much time, money and intelligence is allocated to identify the demographic, psychographic, emotional and purchasing-intent characteristics of today’s Internet users (or consumers?)? Isn’t it amazing how great companies like Tacoda, Revenue Science, Ad.com and all the ad-networks are touting their ability to find the needle in the haystack? […]

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Ashton Kutcher punked: We are a virus.

If Ashton Kutcher’s 4.5 million Twitter followers make you feel inadequate, I’ve got good news: scientists investigating social networks have punked the “influentials” theory that drives celebrities to the top of the charts. Aplusk, who boasts that he’s bigger than CNN, is apparently overrated. A new study finds that the importance of most influential spreaders […]

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