Why the mega-stories matter

Showpiece productions like the recent NSA Files from The Guardian and last year’s Snowfall from the New York Times offer hope for the future of news. They are part of a micro-burst of experimentation that hints at what the next generation of digital news products could look and feel like every day.

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Watch this space

Once again, We Media is designing new space. There’s the physical space of weSpace, the co-working hub we’re launching for entrepreneurs and digital creatives. There’s the social space where we connect innovators through technology, collaboration and creativity. And there’s the space between the ears where we consider our place in a shape-shifting world.

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We Media Preview

We’re rolling out a number of new projects in the next few days, including details and registration for the 2011 PitchIt Challenge and for the 2011 We Media conference. We’ve also just re-designed the We Media web site. You’re looking at it. Consider this a realtime preview – and pardon the dust and broken bits while we get things sorted out.

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Flipboard gets the finger, needs a hand

One way or the other, Flipboard will make you flip. The new Pad app is either the personalized, social magazine you’ve been waiting for. Or it’s just another slick, content thief that fails to deliver on a fresh promise. At first flip, Flipboard is stunning (you have to download the app; the website is a […]

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