Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, architecture designed to inform, entertain and inspire

From a city founded in the 2nd Century BC comes a glimpse into how the city of the future might work — with equal shares of brilliance and problems. The astonishing City of Arts and Sciences (many photos here) transports Valencia, Spain, into the future with architecture designed to inform and entertain. Technology and the […]

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Current finds TV’s future at the bar

Current TV’s Bar Karma is a stunningly original development in storytelling enabled by the collaboration of a creative generation of storymakers and visionary mediamakers. A community of viewers can use Internet applications at Current’s Creation Studios to create and develop stories, characters and plots for the new TV series. Brilliant producers such as video game […]

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Final Jeopardy: A machine that questions what it means to be human

The battle over intelligence is popular culture’s longest running show. Are computers smarter than people? Is the brain a second-rate technology? Can machines think? Will they become sentient and take over? Can they beat a human on Jeopardy!? The correct answer is: What is “Watson”? Next month, an IBM computing system will compete on Jeopardy! […]

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