Leadership World | Women, Media and Technology – Susan Mernit, Mary Hodder, Judith Meskill, Carolyn Washburn, Barbara Kahn, Jan Schaffer

Women and girls are a powerful force online: They users, creators and participants, as well as marketing targets for advertisers. Yet women-led businesses and gender-balanced teams in new media are more an exception than a rule. What can some of today’s female media leaders tell us about building successful businesses, leading strong teams and creating a more egalitarian workforce?

Session Chair: Susan Mernit, Senior Director, Yahoo! and blogger, Susan Mernit’s Blog

Blogged by Jessica Mikulski, (with additional commentary from Renata Avila)

Chad Capellman is the web producer for wemedia.com. He has served in this capacity for every We Media conference even while working for other employers that included Boston.com, Eons.com and O’Reilly Media. He has applied many of the CMS, social networking and extended reach lessons he learned from five years at the Media Center at the American Press Institute and elsewhere to client web sites. He can be found at capellman.com

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