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Andrew Nachison, Founder & Principal
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I’m a writer, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and explorer. And, sometimes: A thinker, futurist, designer, journalist, educator, networker, catalyst, convener, geek and photographer. I’m also an adviser to a variety of companies and organizations worldwide. I’ve published a couple of short stories and written many others. I hope there’s more to come on that front.

My work connects people and businesses in media, technology, investment, design, art, activism, journalism and social entrepreneurship. I help conceive and crystalize ideas and then turn them into something real. I’m also a dad, husband, photographer, music lover. In general, I’d rather be outdoors.

I learned from remarkable teachers: the art of fiction from novelist Frank McCourt, computer programming from BASIC creator John Kemeney, and social activism from author David Bradley. I also studied philosophy at Dartmouth College.

I’ve reported and edited for The Associated Press; written for The New York Times, Infoworld, Audubon and other magazines; managed one of the world’s most ambitious small-market newspaper Web sites, lawrence.com; played clarinet at Tanglewood and Carnegie Hall; studied wildlife, development and environmental policy in Kenya; and I’ve spoken about digital media practices and business strategies throughout the world. I’m a board member of the World Editor’s Forum, an international association for news executives, and a member of the board of directors marketing committee of the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts.