Pitch It Finalists – Two More!

I made a mistake.

In putting together the announcement of the finalists for WeMedia Pitch It, I left two people/ideas off the list.

It is my honor and pleasure to let you know that Brooks Lindsay from Debateapedia (http://wiki.idebate.org) and David Stern from MixedInk (http://www.mixedink.com) are finalists for Pitch It.

That means there are eighteen finalists in all (not sixteen as I had said in my earlier post) — nine in the commercial category, and nine in the nonprofit/social category.  With the addition of these two additional finalists, it is an even more diverse group of ideas and applicants that reaches around the world, across various platforms and technologies, and addresses a variety of important issues.

So again, here is the list of finalists (updated):

Wendy Brawer – Open Green Map (http://www.opengreenmap.org/)
Jacob Colker – The Extraordinaries (http://www.theextraordinaries.org/)
Cor Dietvorst – Reporting 2.0 (http://www.irc.nl)
David Veldkamp – Pay Others First (http://payothersfirst.blogspot.com)
Kurt Kohlstedt – Donateer
Frank Scruggs – Fund Your Idea
Josephine Dorado – Fractor (http://fractor.org)
Josh Wilson – Newsdesk  (http://www.newsdesk.org/news)
Brooks Lindsay – Debateapedia (http://wiki.idebate.org)

Michael Cayley – Social Capital Value Add (http://socialcapitalvalueadd.com)
Paul Evans – Policy Brief (http://www.policybrief.org)
Miles Lasater – See Click Fix (http://seeclickfix.com)
Allen Gagle – Venturi Wind Ventures
Cody Brown – Locccal (http://www.locccal.com)
Jessica Stuart – MediaStorm (http://mediastorm.org)
Lloyd Nimetz – Wagglerz
Dominik Von Jan – Groopies (http://www.groopi.es/)
David Stern – Mixed Ink (http://www.mixedink.com)

Congratulations again to all the finalists — and I hope you will join us in Miami (February 24-26, 2009) to watch their final presentations and help to identify which of these incredible venntures should win the $25,000 in funding to help make their idea a reality.

Brian is Managing Director of little m media which provides strategic guidance and support to organizations around the use of the internet and technology to facilitate communications, engagement, education, and mobilization.

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